Welcome to A+ Plus Vechicle Registration Services.

A+ Registration, a registered CC company, was established in 2005.

At A+ Registration we have a well established reputation amongst our customers being major car dealerships, industrial and commercial companies and private customers as well.

We would like to present you with the A+ Registration Solution of Services, that will answer all your vehicle administrative requirements.

By sourcing these solutions from A+ Registration you will benefit from our highly professional, efficient and affordable services. We will save you the hassle of queuing in the long and uncomfortable licence departments queues and avoid all the bureaucratic hassles.

We are committed to making service our first priority and therefore are confident that you will always be satisfied.

Some of the advantages of working with A+ Registration are:
  1. Save Time: You would not need to take time off from work in order to spend hours in licence department queues.
  2. Door to Door Service: For an additional cost, documents can be collected and delivered to your home or office.
  3. Knowledge & Experience: A+ Registration has full knowledge of Licence department requirements and procedure s.
  4. Reminders: A+ Registration customers will be entered into the company database and will be reminded annually of their vehicle licence renewal dates - this will save you penalties.
  5. "All under one roof": Our wide range of services will save you from using multiple service providers. We will take care of all your vehicle licence department and roadworthy requirements.
A+ Registration is a proud member of :
  1. SABS
  2. Proudly South African